Led lighting company located in Spain, all its products are made in China under the verification of Spanish coordinators and staff. The company has more than 20,000 square meters and over 500 staffs, with professional engineers, talented designers and excellent sells-service team. LUZLED sells their products to many oversea countries of Europe, SouthAmerica, MiddleEast and others.


The company strictly carries out the ISO9001 standard to exercise overall quality controls over its products, which as a result, has passed international certifications including CE, GS,TUV EMC ,RoHS and UL, FCC, ENERGY STAR. It is doing its best to satisfy the needs of the customers with first class service, excellent quality and more favorable price.
LUZLED energy saving products are helping to maintain the balance. With our products, offices, shops, industries, as well as consumers, don’t just change to led products, they can change the world. It is possible to reduce power consumption for lighting by up to 80%. At the same time, because of its long life, a single compact fluorescent lamp replaces up to 15 ordinary light bulbs.