Customize Your Need!

Comprehensive products range adapted to your needs. We are able to achieve new customized lighting solutions. We can either adapt a product from our range to your demands or develop customized solutions.

Save Money!

With new and improved LED technologies the solutions are broader than ever. Whether you re-lamp (Replacing existing lamps/bulbs with a more efficient product), Retrofit (Replacing existing fixtures, lamps/bulbs and ballast with new equipment) or simply you can order more efficient replacement products for your existing fixtures. Commercial customers can achieve sizable energy savings which lead to saving money through efficient lighting solutions.

Save Your Environment!

LED lights are up to 90% more efficient than traditional lighting such as fluorescent and incandescent lights. 95% of energy in LED is converted into light and only 5% is wasted as heat. When you use LED Less energy you reduce the demand from power plants and decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

Guarantee Your Product!

LED have an exceptionally long lifespan. They can last up to three times longer than compact fluorescent bulbs, and 20 times longer than traditional incandescents. A typical LED that burns five hours a day can last about 22 years before it needs changing.

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